hp-FEM course

The CMM2009 participants are kindly invited to the 3-day course:


which will be taught by Professor Leszek Demkowicz (ICES, The University of Texas at Austin) and his collaborators.
The course will precede the CMM2009 conference on 14-16 May 2009 and consist of lectures and labs (8 hrs per day).
hp Finite Element Methods combine advantages of low order and spectral methods. The short course presents fundamental technological components of hp Finite Element Methods, including:

  • Mathematical foundations (variational formulations, construction of H^1-, Hcurl-, and H(div)-conforming elements, convergence estimates).
  • Construction of hierarchical shape functions.
  • hp data structures.
  • Constrained approximation.
  • Geometry modeling. Exact geometry and isoparametric elements.
  • Projection-based interpolation.

The persons interested in the course are kindly requested to register by sending an e-mail to the organizers till 31st January 2009. The number of the hp-FEM course participants is limited, please register as soon as possible.

The course fee is 270 € which should be paid till 15th February 2009. The fee includes a copy of the book: L. Demkowicz, Computing with hp Finite Elements. I. One- and Two-Dimensional Elliptic and Maxwell Problems, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, October 2006. Further details are gathered here.

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