The rules of the competition for the best research paper presented by a young author during the 18th International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics, CMM2009.

1. Any participant of the Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics 2009, who:

  • is born on or after 1 January 1979
  • has an academic degree not higher than PhD
  • is an author or a co-author of a paper presented during the present conference
  • presents the paper herself/himself
takes part in the competition.

2. The criteria of choosing the best paper:

  • the basic criterion is the level of the paper, i.e. its originality and the complexity of theoretical/numerical techniques used
  • the way of presentation: its level and the author's participation in discussion will be an important point of evaluation
  • a supplementary criterion will be the author's share in the presented paper (whether it is the author's own paper and/or what is her/his share in a team work)

3. The outstanding papers can be proposed by the session chairs or the members of the Conference Scientific Committee.

4. The person entitled to nominate a paper for the competition cannot nominate the paper whose co-author she/he is.

5. The Conference Scientific Committee constitutes the jury of the competition. Decisions are made by a majority of votes. Voting on procedural matters is public. Voting on the best paper(s) is secret.

6. The jury may award two papers an equivalent prize or may not award any paper at all.

7. The decisions of the jury are announced at the closing session of the conference.

Winners of the competition are:

1. Dr. Sławomir Milewski (first award)

2. Mr. Łukasz Skarżyński (second award)

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